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As körük is a family firm founded in 1994. Year by year, it has given much more importance to its works. ,

At the end of this journey, which began only with milling cutter bellows in 1994, we started to manufacture every kind of slideway and shaft protection bellows, Cnc processing centres, aluminium pallet systems for z axes, Tezsan bunt lathe slideway scrapers, zipped bellows, Telescopic metal bellows for Cncs and every kind of slideway scrapers in a closed area of 400 m2, with our technical employees and renewed machinery.

Since 01.01.2007, we have been manufacturing slideway protection bellows with a system from Germany. We use German technical textile clothes while manufacturing all our bellows.

The fact that we toured the industry cities of Turkey during 11 years made us number 1 in our sector.

* We know the working principles of machines and benches.

We know with which machines and benches the bellows will work in what kind of conditions and environment and we consider these elements while manufacturing the bellows.

* We care about R&D works

We frequently travel abroad for this purpose. We follow the materials, techniques and methods used by our competitors in advanced Western countries.


- Setting your dream in motions,

- Following the developing technology,

- Good follow-up and intervention of technical problems,

- There is no limit of shape and size.

Askörük Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.
General Manager



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